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We protect vacant properties for their owners by installing live-in guardians. Together, we and the guardians help to dramatically reduce traditional void costs, whilst avoiding the community costs of a previously busy building falling vacant.

One of the first guardian companies to become established in the UK, we have achieved industry-leading standards thanks, primarily, to our commitment to treating all parties – clients, guardians, local communities and other stakeholders – with respect and in good faith.

Now striving to create recognised, formalised standard practices for all UK guardian companies – thereby growing the sector – we have a credible foundation from which to do this. Specifically, we know that we have a 100% success rate in handing buildings back on time and in preventing asset-stripping and vandalism. Our service has saved our clients many millions of pounds in comparison with the alternatives, whilst helping local communities avoid the negative impact of disused buildings.

Key aspects and options of our service include:

Excellent security & monitoring via responsible guardians, our staff and our partners

Cost effective vacant property protection & management

Protection from 24 hours to several years

Customised operations structures

Comprehensive legal provision

Waste removal


Liaison with local community stakeholders

Flexible pricing plans

Short notice periods

How we do it

Our guardians ensure that the property has a physical presence and is well cared for.

Guardians have a personal regard for the care of the property, reporting immediately to our control room – available 24/7 – and/or the emergency services, be they maintenance issues, accidental damage or even incidents of illegal activity.  These may include asset-stripping, vandalism, trespassing, etc.

Additionally, House Managers – long serving guardians – make weekly checks on both property and guardians.

As a further quality measure, our Health & Safety Officer, qualified in all relevant aspects of health & safety / fire issues, carries out a monthly audit to ensure compliance with all statutory regulations, including Health, safety and fire issues.

If you are a property owner, representative or agent and would like to know more, please call us on 020 7713 7557 or email: info@newbouldguardians.co.uk .

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